Nuclear-Big-Bang Come back :D


WE177 Nuclear Weapon

WE177 Nuclear Weapon (Photo credit: Gene Hunt)

Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko want atomic bombs to come back to Republic of Belarus – says independent medias.

It’d be placed in strategical places in Belarus.

- Officially no one said that Karasin (Russian viceminster of forgein affairs)  talks with our governments about nuclear weapon – said Belorussian Social Scientist Walery Karbalewicz – The most probably is that the Russians (or even Belorussian Government) want to scare Poland or even whole West.

So as Karbalewicz said – this could be false gossip which was only created to scare us. But it could be also answer to U.S missile defense system. We don’t know, we’ll see :D I guess that Russians only want to scare us :)
It’d be a lot of fun with our neightbours :D Would U.E make it’s move?:>


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Greece has to introduce pledged reforms

March 25 - Greece Independence DayLenders want to further restrict the sovereignty of Greece. They do not believe that the government itself would be able to introduce a reform program. Greece need to convince Eurozone to wednesday that the reform would be involved.
- Now we see only statements, not action – said Jan Kees de Jager, Dutch finance minister.
Lenders has bad experiences connected with first 110mld Euro help-package. Many reforms and cost savings stay on sheet of paper because goverment can’t or don’t want to involve them.
I think that it’s completely… funny situation. Someone lends them money on specified conditions and they treat it like their own :D Poor Greece <ironic>
Now I’ve one thought… 25th of March – Greece Independence Day! It’ll be still independent?:D


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Germany won’t sign ACTA! – so why we do?

Stop ACTA and Carry OnAfter few weeks of internaut’s protests, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs withdraw recommendation of signing this document. As critiques said this act really restrics the free use of internet.

I think, that whole ACTA is piece of shit! Why? Because in Polish law there is an article, which said that the rights owner could try to get someones IP if he think that his laws was broken but in administrative way. Now ACTA want to change it into office way – why? Why big companies are threaten better than normal citizen? Why They want to surveillance us? Because someone paid for it – that is my personal thought, I don’t blame anyone.

So why Mr. Tusk said that Poland won’t resign from ACTA? We wanted to sign it because of our ‘German Friends’ – so why we don’t refuse now?:>


How dreadlocks look like – everybody could see!

Dreadlocks as the hairstyle was adapted a few decades ago but their roots are in a young ages of civilization. The early celts believed in the cult of their own body’s. They don’t agree with attempts to improve their outfits so They look exactly as were made by Matrons.
Because of it they didn’t cut their hairs and didn’t care about it as well. They hair because of external factors begun to felting creating the prothotype of current dreads. Nowadays, dreadlocks are not the sign of subculture or the religious worship. Usually, most people think that ‘dreadlocks-wearer’ is Rastafari but it’s not a rule. Dreadlocks became stylish addon across many subcultures and even outside.
To get more information I went to „Dreadlocks-service”.
- Dreadlocks, appart form what people think, are not made using „sugar, ash, flour or hair gel„. Despite popular opinion and stereotypes dreadlocks are not full of dirty and they are not a hatchery of lice. I’ll show one of ‘this normal’ way which we use in our salon. Firstly, we divide hairs into few sectors (each sector will become a new dreadlock). After precisely separation hair are comb back. Now the real process of dreadlock making would begin! Using crochet hack we pull hair inside them making a dreadlock : D I think it’s most effective, clean and simple method which gives the best looking effect. But unlikely it brings some pain to future dreadlocks wearer, but as someone said „everything for beauty’ :D – Rob said.
- To make a dreadlocks we need to do a lot of great work, it’s very time-consumeable. Depends on it’s lenght to do a one dreadlock it takes from 15 minutes to few hours. For example, to make 90 centimeters dreadlocks on whole head one dreadlocks-maker must spend 120 hours. Of course, in our salon all operation is done by 4 workers. The point is to remeber that dreadlocks still ARE hairs which we have to care about, of course from now much more. Dreadlocks as all hairstyles subject to fashion. As true Rastafari we could make a dreadlocks on whole head, a few, or just on back of our head called „Krasta”. If it’s customer wish we are making normal dreadlocks or with tuft of hair on the end. Unlikely, dreadlocks need to be corrected, depends on it’s lenght it take from few minutes to few hours – said Aneta.
 - Of course, to have a dreadlocks you need to have ten centimeters long hair. We wouldn’t look like Bob Marley but like balding hedgehog – add Tom.
-There are some popular gossips that we are not washing our dreadlocks but that is wrong! – said Tom angry – deardlocks are the hairstyle as any other so we care about it, the only difference is that we are not combing it.

- We, Rastafari are really take life as easy people and we don’t understand that irrational fear of contact with us -convinced us crew.

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Role of the Individual in society – My thoughts.

Français : Montre gousset. Česky: Kapesní hodi...

Image via Wikipedia

It’s my personal thought which came across me when i was sitting in Focus Mall with cup of coffee and nothing to do :) Soo… I’m sitting now in Lodomania and i have a little ethical problem which I wanna share with you :P

Where is the meaning of the individual in the current world of mass consciousness? I think that we should make some assumptions and bring some facts. I would start from „Pro publico bono”.
The old latin sentence which have rather laconical and graceful meaning: „In the public interes„. Yes, yes, in literature I often came across with something connected to this and with famous Cloero’s words: „leges omnium salutem singulorum saluti anteponunt” – „The laws place the safety of all before the safety of individuals„. But! In this place my „mind session” starts. Because is not the society just a seeming connection of the individuals? I know, I know, now the fans of the „You are taking it too literally” theory would atack me but that was no my intention. Through this considerations I have a plan to answer the question which was asked at the beginning of this deduction.
Coming back to the topic (which I lost :P ). So, the common’s good (so group of individual’s) was always placed higher than the individual’s good. But is not every branch of the tree on the same place? I think it is. Why? Every branch is in fact autonomous part of the same body. I guess now part of You would think that the branches are not autonomous parts of the tree. Because there are not! Where is the solution of my intentional contradiction?… Did everyone of You saw rooting branch? The part of body which became spontaneous body. But why I’d used tree as a metaphor?  I don’t know. I think it’s accurate and it gives a specyfic point of view on the problem which I’d presented :) The units which opts out of the system create it’s own range of perception of reality. And what exactly is this system for us? The big storage full of sorted data. Shelves full of prohibitions, orders, informations and varios datas which only wait to be studied, corrected or completed.
The outstanding units have other perception of this system and they are seen in other way too. Why? Because the outstanding units, as the adjective suggest, in some parts of life exceed this what we call ‘standard’. And when this line is crossed the whole system change his borders a little. Because The system of the all are always updated by the next units and the outstanding ones are bending his boundary in a specyfic (and clearly see-able) way.
 So what is the role of individual in society? It’s really important! Every unit implement to current system some novum, the sacrum area which is filled by her own thoughts, beliefs and feelings. The new thesis is simpe. The units form a society, while being created by them. And each unit individually created its own vision of the universe.
Additionaly, there is one important problem which are connected with this topic. Parallel worlds. Someone has heard about? If not, feel free to read THIS which in big zoom bring about. I have my own, sick theory which I’d share with You :P Last time I was wondering how many, if really, there is a parallel worlds. And I concluded really suprising thought which part of You would share with me :> In January 2012 there was 6,9 Bil parallel worlds. I guess that part of You actually know what am I talking about :P Yes, yes, I’m thinking about every human’s life. Now there is a time for some arguments. How many Earths there is? In your opinion only one? Is the planet on which everyone lives the same for us? I’m nearly sure that not. And at the same time I am inclined to say that the Earth is only one. Why? Because in physical meaning there is only one. But for everyone of us it mean something different because it depends on our belief, espoused values​​, etc.
Every man hold inside a small part of the same world which is individual for him and this makes a lots of parallel worlds. Because is my world same as the color-blind one’s? No. As I see a cascade of colors, a multitude of them. He does not see completly this beauty. When I’m sad, I’m just going out and roaming around the city considering the whole situation while my friend is hysterical and makes a lot of mistakes. Are both of us live in same world? I think we’re not, physicaly we’re existing in same planet but both of us have a small world which we are live in. Everyone has it! Everything depends on our interpretation of surrounding reality.
Soo… I’m waiting for Yours rethinks which was caused by !!sober!! humanist contemplations ;]


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ACTA Disscusion! Mr. Tusk on stage.

Acta, une menace pour la politique publique mo...

Acta, une menace pour la politique publique mondiale. (Photo credit: geoffrey dorne)

There was a talk… And nothing more than this… Why? Because whole disscusion was pointless! The Lady read few tweets and facebook updates – the whole dialogue with internauts. The High School of Computer Technology after made a poll… And reasuls was really shocking! 95% of asked said, that they Don’t agree with SIGNING ACTA, only 1% was for.

I’d agree with someony, who would say ‘Nihil novi’. Yup ^^ Acta is ‘Nihil Novi’ or specyfing there is only one new thing in ACTA. The invigilation :) Currently our internet provider don’t have to (and can’t) track our moves in the net. With ACTA they must :)

Mr. Donald said that there’s NO WAY to revoke the signature ;]
Sooo… Download as much as You Can! :D Before You get jailed for that ;)



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U.S.A Visa – gone? Maybe!

VisaThe group of few american senators want to completely change the way of giving visas. Why? Because today in UE there is still 3 countries which need visas to go to U.S.A and it’s because of requirements which they need to complete… In this group there is also Poland. Current requirement is to have less than 3% of rejected visa application. In Poland it is a lot more (about 10,9 %). Now, there will be new requirement instead of this one. The percent of tourist who break the tourists visa rules should be lower than 3% (Working/Stay longer than 90 days etc).

I think it’s a good idea. Why? Granny who lives in Poland should have no problems when she wants to visit her grandsons… And U.S.A’s embassy would earn less money! That’s great :D

WikiLeaks – talking about the facts!

About the activitiwikileakses of this page probably already heard everyone. Wikileaks – the world’s biggest publishing secret government documents … Strange, isn’t it? Although I agree completely with what they do … For if the politicians are doing something „in our case,” then we should probably know what they have done so ^ ^ For obvious reasons, I support the activity of this page. About Poland Unfortunately, due to lack of funds had ceased portal administrators inserting new state secrets, but instead created a page where we can help through a grant to their action. Of course, this portal is shrouded in many mysteries, speculation and rumors. Many times results of them are pretty big fuss, such as the current scandal, in which it participates Wikileaks founder Wikileaks Assange. He was accused by the Swedish prosecutor, a sexual assault, harassment and rape, on two Sweden. Swedish prosecutors occurred in connection with these allegations for extradition, but probably using Wikileaks’s financial potential, is appealing the decision.

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Acta and hello World <#

Hi! :)
ACTA buildingI hope that all of You will enjoy reading my blog :) At start I really want to say ‘sorry’ for all future mistakes (especially for comas – in my country we use it more often).So… let’s begin!Everyone knows, everyone has heard Another argument which supports the statement that Polish politicians are limited We appreciate Anonymous‘a fellow as quite effective manifesto  ^^
Please, let me know how ” ACTA ” looks like in your country !:)

      I appreciate Mr. Tusk for the fact that in the end, however, decided to suspend the ratification of the Acta, but the same document has already been signed and it does not mean that we will not coming under the what is in it I understand that the copyright and so forth need to be protected, although relying on the cultural property‘, Acta also refute the opponents of this agreement

However, what of it since, and so we may be subjected to what is in it? Stupid and pointless it is meeting with the Internet users, which Mr. Donald suggests an urgent Why? In order to there was no You have not made attempts to talk Crazy - -.

Let’s hope that some sensible steps will be taken at the end

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